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The shooting of the series Water Police has started for the TV channel “Ukraine”

Channel “Ukraine” and the company SPACE Production are preparing a new 40-part film called Water Police. This is a series about a relatively new unit in the law enforcement agencies of Ukraine, whose employees are engaged in patrolling the water area and fighting poaching, as well as solving crimes committed on or near the water.

The heroes of the series will investigate many crimes that the criminal world is trying to bury at the bottom of reservoirs. The images of the employees of the Special Department of the Water Police will be created by both honored (Sergey Formanchuk and Alexander Mavrits) and young actors.

For example, for Margo Balasanyan, this is the first linear role. Since childhood, the actress considered herself to be a “punk” subculture, so the character of the IT woman of the Special Department of the Water Police is close and understandable to her. The performer of the role of operative Mila Rimar, thanks to the Water Police project, realizes her childhood dream of becoming a policeman. Mila never went to serve in the authorities, but her children’s martial arts classes will be useful to her in this project. The second operative is also not timid. Actress Katya Skripko has been honing martial arts in China for 7 years with stuntmen working with Jackie Chan and Donnie Yen.

During the work on the project, the film crew consults with the current employees of the water police of Ukraine. Actors learn the rules of close combat in the water, as well as diving with and without scuba diving.

Production designer Tatyana Kondratova and director of photography Vladimir Guevsky worked on the visual component of the project for several months. The water police logo, which will be used in the series, was developed by the director. But the production designer admits that they were looking the longest for what the water police base would look like. The creators of the series were faced with the task of building not just a functional department office, but creating the most atmospheric room that would complement shooting on location.

“We tried to combine both some modern elements and the architecture of the ship, so that, entering the room, there was a feeling that it seemed to be swaying on the waves”, Tatiana Kondratova shares. For these purposes, they considered ships, old ones, but in the end, they used a real landing stage for filming, which was converted for the needs of the Special Department of the Water Police, where there is a morgue, an interrogation room, and a laboratory.

The premises of the department and the workshop of one of the water police officers are filled with things related to ships. They were collected from the owners of yachts and ships. They even brought a real boat to the hero’s workshop and put it on a gun carriage. The department is equipped with the most modern technology: boats, jet skis, special off-road vehicles, drones, echo sounders, underwater cameras, etc.