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Started filming of the series Unfaithful by order of the STB TV channel

By order of the STB TV channel, we broke a new plate and began filming the series Unfaithful.

SPACE Production will tell the audience an incredibly dramatic story about a woman who is confused and stumbled. The series Unfaithful, the shooting of which is in full swing, will tell about the wife of two men – this is a completely unusual storyline for modern television.

“Our character did not find the strength to resist temptation in time, and then paid a lot for her actions, says Kateryna Laskari, general producer and founder of SPACE Production. – And to top it off – I broke the stereotype of female monogamy. Almost a Greek tragedy awaits STB viewers next year. And I even envy those who haven’t read this beautiful script yet”.

The quality of the script was also noted by the director of the TV series Unfaithful Yevgeny Baranov, “In Unfaithful I was primarily attracted by the material, a very strong story with beautifully written scenes – I haven’t seen anything like this for a long time. It so happened that in my work I often tell stories centered on a woman. Women’s experiences have a much broader palette – it’s interesting to explore”.

“We are pleased to enter this experiment at the end of the year together with the STB TV channel. We hope that it will turn out to be as successful as our previous ventures”, – General Producer and Founder of SPACE Production Daria Leygonie-Fialko.

Cast: Anna Miklosh, Sergey Strelnikov, Vitaly Kudryavtsev, Taras Tsymbalyuk, Evgeny Lamakh, Lesya Ostrovskaya, Yulia Buinovskaya, Elizar Nazarenko, Viktor Saraikin, Larisa Troyanovskaya, Daria Barikhashvili, Tatyana Malkova, Danil Shevchenko, Alexandr Begma, Ekaterina Svirin.