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The shooting of the series DreamTeam for the New Channel has begun

It is, on the one hand, a dramatic story of a middle-aged man, and on the other, a light youth comedy. We will see a provincial girls’ basketball team and a strict Super League coach. And also – love, disappointments, fights, and competitions … On the order of the New Channel, SPACE Production is filming the series DreamTeam.

The plot of the comedy series DreamTeam is based on the story of the head coach of the Moscow men’s basketball club, who loses his job because of his scandalous nature and neglect of women. Returning to his hometown of Zorin, at the insistence of his mother, he begins to coach a student women’s team there.

“This summer we expanded our cooperation with the StarLightMedia holding – we began to develop the first TV series for the New Channel, – says Daria Leygonie-Fialko, founder of SPACE Production. – Comedy DreamTeam is ideal for the audience of the channel because this is a story about student years: about the first victories in studies, sports, about the first defeats, serious love, and disappointment. The team of the series has made every effort to tell the viewer about serious things with humor”.

The name of the series, by the way, is not just a bright buzzword. An interesting fact is hidden in it! “Do you know what DreamTeam is? This was the name of the US basketball team at the 1992 Olympics, – says Sasha Tkachenko, general producer of the film-serial department of the New Channel. – According to journalists and basketball fans, this team was the best in the history of the game. I think the name DreamTeam, given the cast and history, is a great fit for our show”.

The central figure of the series, a super trainer who is going through a turning point, will be played by actor Mikhail Kukuyuk. Grigory Baklanov will be reincarnated as his partner, a young coach from a provincial town. Their beauties-partners will be Daria Petrozhitskaya, Anastasia Ivanyuk, Maria Stopnik, Valeria Tovstoles, Maria Motornaya, Marina Veremiychuk, Valeria Fokina, and others.

“Filming has just begun, and I have a certain excitement whether I will correspond to the ideal that has developed since childhood – a fashion model, – says actor Mikhail Kukuyuk. – Although I confess, I’m not a beginner in basketball. I studied at an English school once with an emphasis on basketball, not football, as it was everywhere”.

At the stage of preparation for filming, the actors were coached by the capital club “Kyiv -Basket”.

“Almost all the actors first picked up the ball at a sports rehearsal before filming, – says executive producer of the series Vladislav Zolotarov. – But after training with professionals, some girls calmly throw three-pointers. It is likely that the actresses will play on the set themselves, without understudies because they continue to work with professional basketball players on a daily basis”.

The comedy series DreamTeam will air on the New Channel in 2022.