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The shooting of the multi-part project TRACE has begun

SPACE Production, commissioned by STB TV channel, has started filming the Ukrainian version of the TRACE series.

‘The Trace is a very important part of the STB TV channel’s serial strategy’, – says the managing director of the STB TV channel Lyudmila Semchuk.

‘We want not only to shoot a successful detective series but first of all to create a unique world, a universe of our favorite heroes, which will become a company for spending time in every Ukrainian home and the main evening show for the country’s audience’, – comments the general producer of the project Daria Leygonie-Fialko.

According to the plot, the structure SIA (‘Special Investigative Agency’) unites unique specialists from different fields: pathologist, ballista, analyst, operatives, laboratory assistants, detectives, IT specialists, etc. Under the leadership of the head of the organization Olga Sergeevna Kosach (colleagues nicknamed her ‘wasp’ ), they carry out a full range of complex examinations, research, and assist the police in solving the most serious crimes.

For Ukrainian adaptation, an office of the fictional organization SIA was built in the shooting pavilion. There are a laboratory, a meeting room, a functioning morgue and shooting gallery, interrogation rooms, a kitchen for rest, and offices of employees. The scenery uses the most up-to-date materials and technologies, including modern touch-screen monitors, developed using special software. They make it possible to work with information on a huge sensor canvas. It is noteworthy that such screens will appear for mass sale no earlier than 2023.

The most numerous casting in the history of Ukraine was held for TRACE: 10 thousand professional and non-professional actors from different countries passed the tests.

The main role of Olga Kosach went to actress Tatyana Kravchenko. The main cast also included: Boris Georgievsky, Bogdan Ruban, Elena Voznesenskaya, Alexey Surovtsev, Antonina Khizhnyak, Alexander Bodnar, and others.