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SPACE Production announces open pitching of ideas

SPACE Production launches open pitching of copyright ideas for Ukrainian film and television scriptwriters. Both beginners and experienced authors can apply for the competition. Also, for the duration of the competition, a unique “Creative SPACE” is being created, thanks to which all participants will be able to improve their work.

General Producer and Founder of SPACE Production Daria Leygonie-Fialko about the competition: “For us, SPACE pitching is both a tactical and a strategic task. On the one hand, as a production company, we are interested in discovering new authors with new non-trivial ideas and further cooperating with them, creating fresh original content. But, on the other hand, we look a little wider because we are interested in the development of the market as a whole. It now needs an oxygen mask in the form of new author names, new concepts, and ideas”.

General Producer and Founder of SPACE Production Kateryna Laskari on the purpose of SPACE-pitching, says, “In addition to searching for new authors, we want to build the production process for original series and films according to the formula ‘from the author’s team to the editing table’ ”. The entire progressive film world is already working on the writing rooms principle, where the bearer of the idea – aka showrunner – becomes the engine of the project, its inspiration, and, in fact, the main creative unit. The winners of our pitching will be able to enter specially created scenario rooms, and we, as producers, will be very interested in promoting fresh and bright ideas of the finalists”.

The jury of the competition of ideas:

  • Daria Leygonie-Fialko, General Producer and Founder of SPACE Production
  • Yulia Sinkevich, General producer of the OIFF, co-founder of the Ukrainian Film Academy
  • Natalya Vorozhbit, Director and screenwriter
  • Oksana Bayrak, Director, screenwriter and producer

Applications are accepted in the following areas:

  • full-length film of any genre
  • drama series
  • melodrama series
  • detective series
  • comedy series

One author is eligible to submit three applications.

Application deadline: from February 3 to March 15, 2020