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SPACE Production and MEGOGO are filming the first joint series

SPACE Production, commissioned by the MEGOGO media service, is starting work on The Last Axel series, a sports drama about a young figure skater.

Viktor Chekanov, General Director of MEGOGO Russia, “This project is one of our first big series. We are confident that our audience will love it due to the powerful dramatic conflict, serious moral and ethical dilemma, and, of course, the sports theme”.

The Last Axel is the last attempt of the skater Katya to make the most difficult jump both on the ice and in her life. After the sudden death of her father, Katya comes to Moscow to join the team of the best coach and compete in the Figure Skating Championship. Winning the championship for Katya is not a pursuit of success, but a desire to find freedom for herself and her younger sister.

“In this story, there is both the theme of responsibility for one’s life and the theme of hardening a sports character,” says Daria Leygonie-Fialko. – Our project contains a life-philosophical paradox about the innocence of the guilty. We want to create a spectacular series, deep, in some places tough, and in some places insanely touching”.

The premiere of the sports drama The Last Axel is scheduled for 2021