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THE TRACE: premiere episodes will start at STB

The premiere series of the action-packed detective series TRACE produced by SPACE Production will start on March 8 on STB TV channel.

The team of professionals of the Special Investigative Agency (SIA) continues to investigate serious and intricate crimes using the latest technology and modern gadgets. The trace left by the criminal helps the operatives to unravel each crime.

Filming for the new episodes began in early December and takes place both in the pavilion and on location – in completely different and sometimes even unexpected places. The team will preliminarily be shooting until October 2021.

What new will the viewers see in the continuation of the detective series Trace?

New characters Three new employees will appear in the SIA team: operatives Anatoly Dmitrenko and Oleg Vilner, as well as neurobiologist Andrei Bromenko.

The role of Captain Dmitrenko is played by Ilya Ponomarenko, for whom this character became the first major role in his acting career.

A veteran actor Oleg Venger was embodied in Major Vilner – STB viewers know him well from the successful TV series “Nothing Happens Twice” and “Kriposna”. The education he received at the Suvorov Military School helps Oleg to convey the image of an operative as accurately as possible.The young and active neuroscientist Bromenko is played by the actor of the Theater of Russian Drama named by Lesia Ukrainka Vladislav Fukovsky.

“The more crimes there are, the more operatives are required to solve them. The new character brings new colors to the project, and since all our investigators are radically different, every fan of the series will find his or her favorite among them. We will definitely show special episodes about each new character in order to more fully introduce them to the viewer and tell their story”, – creative producer Natalya Titova tells about the new characters.

New premises. The shooting pavilion of the SIA office and its decorations are unique not only for Ukraine. Locations in the pavilion were developed according to a special design, and most of the equipment in the laboratory is working. The morgue, in which the forensic scientist Nebesnaya conducts the autopsies, is equipped with real equipment: a surgical lamp, an operating table and a chamber for “corpses”. In the laboratory, in addition to flasks and test tubes with bright liquids, the viewer can notice a working 3D printer.

The meeting room in the SIA office is unique for its high-tech monitors. The interrogation room has a two-way mirror. There are 7 such specialized SIA rooms (Kosach’s office, meeting room, interrogation room, laboratory, shooting room, morgue, kitchen).

Since there will be a lot of car investigations in the premiere episodes, viewers will see a new space – a garage.

New locations. The filming of the continuation of the series takes place in the pavilion and at field sites. In one of the episodes, the investigation will take place in the current pre-trial detention center in Bucha, in which the team set a fire in one of the cells.

“In the future, there will be swamps, ballroom dance contests, a power plant, and the historic Kyiv first collector, and a trip to Odessa”, – says creative producer Natalia Titova about the new locations.

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