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Potap starred in the TV series FOLKS

The comedy series Folks, produced by SPACE Production, is preparing to air soon on the “1 + 1” TV channel. The cast of Folks was strengthened by the producer, artist, and showman Potap with his inimitable charisma. It was because of his character that the war of two completely different worlds began in the plot and the soul of the protagonist.

“My character is a businessman who is very driven by the opportunity to seize the lion’s share of the business,” says Potap. – He is constantly engaged in self-development and imposes it all on his employees. Most likely, this is a collective image of all figures of which there are a great many on the Internet. I myself am like that, besides, I know many similar businessmen, coaches who are ready to do anything when something drives them. Therefore, it was easy for me to get used to this role. But my character is an antihero who fights for material things, and in my life, I try to do everything for the sake of goodness and joy”.

“SPACE Production takes a new peak and expands its genre line. Folks is our first comedy” says Daria Leygonie-Fialko, General Producer and Founder of SPACE Production. “Now we really need high-quality comedies, we ourselves love this genre, so it was a great pleasure to work on Folks”.

On the first day of filming Folks, director Sergei Shcherbin talked about how important humor is especially now, wishing the project team “not to save the world with a serious face, but to do it easily and naturally”.

Well, we will save the world with humor very soon on 1+1 TV channel!