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The series The Last Axel will cover the topic of domestic violence

The sports drama The Last Axel, which tells about a young figure skater and the behind-the-scenes world of figure skating, is being prepared for the MEGOGO media service. This is one of the first big original projects for this platform.

The Last Axel is the story of a rebel champion and the best coach in the country – two incredible women who are separated by a generation but united by their love of figure skating. They have one decisive performance for two to defeat fear, abusers, and inner demons. And ice is their only salvation.

It is curious that the series was commissioned by SPACE Production, which was also founded by two women with strong characters – Daria Leygonie-Fialko and Kateryna Laskari. Both are well known both in the media world and in the world of TV series.

The premiere of the sports drama The Last Axel on the video service is scheduled for 2021.

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