Genre: docudrama | Premiere: 2022 | Duration of the episode: 23 min

Directors: Elizaveta Khomenko, Sergey Umanets, Anatoly Stepanenko, Marina Gorshkova, Alena Novitskaya

Creative producer: Alena Lyashevskaya

Executive Producer: Taras Semeniuk

Directors of photography: Oleg Gorobets, Vladimir Lyudkevich

General Producers: Daria Leygonie-Fialko, Kateryna Laskari

The main characters are Leonora and Alena, the fortune-tellers. They are complete opposites, however, they are united by a common cause. Together, women help those who are in need. Anyone can contact their bureau, and Alena and Leonora will try their best to solve the problem.

Leonora specializes in palmistry, fire fortune-telling, working with knives, mirrors, hairbrushes, etc. Alena is a tarot reader; she reads tarot cards. Also, she works with runes and natural elements – sand, water, plants, stones, etc.