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Press-day on the set of The Last Axel

On May 21, 2021, during the filming of The Last Axel in the Yubileiny sports complex, a presentation of the first shots of the series for journalists took place. Actors of the project Elena Podkaminskaya, Alexey Yagudin, Karina Razumovskaya, director Anario Mamedov and general producer and founder of SPACE Production Kateryna Laskari talked to the press, told about the peculiarities of filming The Last Axel.

This is Moskovsky Komsomolets newspaper with details about visiting the set of the series:

It took the young actors many days of training to be able to skate with confidence. This film tells about what tests need to be passed in order to be on the podium, where, it seems, only Alexei Yagudin does not go on the ice, which he is very happy about.

The shooting was difficult, took place at night, and ended at six or seven am. They could not give the filmmakers any other time – life is in full swing at the sports complex all day, and even training does not stop late in the evening. Children, teenagers, and their parents are passing us at breakneck speed. The giants pass majestically on skates and with clubs in their hands. They say they are members of the security forces. They look at the artists with interest, they cannot understand what is actually happening. And we are interested – we have not seen such heroes. Even talking with the participants in the filming process is problematic – there is such noise everywhere.

It is not easy to spend half an hour in the stands of the ice arena. It was outside all day long unprecedented heat for St. Petersburg, and here – a real ice age. We sit in jackets, periodically running out into the hall to warm up. Actors don’t have that luxury.

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