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STB will show the mystical TV series THE BLIND produced by SPACE Production

On February 24, 2020, the STB TV channel will host the premiere of The Blind project.

General producer and founder of SPACE Production Daria Leygonie-Fialko about the project, The Blind project is based on the real fates of people. This cycle will not leave anyone indifferent – neither us involved in the production nor TV viewers. We were looking for our grandmother for a very long time because we were sure that in our time there are still real blind seers who see destinies and help people. We were looking for her for an incredibly long time, and at some point, we even lost our hope and began to doubt that we would ever find her. But we managed to find that very grandmother. Our woman Lyuba has power, strength, and charisma, which help her to see much more than sighted people. She has for everyone the only correct advice, wise admonition, and the answer to even the most difficult question in life, ”- said the producer.

The main character of the project, the blind seer Baba Lyuba, possesses the wisdom of her ancestors and feels people turn to her for help. Thanks to signs and special knowledge, she helps the characters to protect themselves and their loved ones from adversity.

Her granddaughter Katya helps the seer to connect with the world around her. She maintains a blog in which she tells stories of people seeking help from her grandmother, as well as shares her wisdom.