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Premiere of the comedy series FOLKS on 1 + 1 TV channel

On December 7, the 1+1 TV channel will host the premiere of the comedy series Folks.

The main character of the series, Artyom, will return to his native small town after 10 years of living in the capital. For all the time, he never once visited his family and his girlfriend Katya, whom he once promised to take with him. Artyom came home on the instructions of his boss, who wants to build a shopping center on the site of the cultural center. In the hometown of the protagonist, many adventures and trials await, meetings with family, friends, and first love…

Probably no project was accompanied by so many curious situations as Folks.

The film crew was bitten by rats. One character cut his hair right at the beginning of filming, and his newfangled hairstyle did not fit into the on-screen image in any way, but the make-up artists were able to settle the situation.

A well-known person who was filming in one of the scenes was kept in a closed trunk for several hours since the old car of the Eugene Lamakh character was locked.By the way, Eugene at some point was nicknamed Zlamakh, because everything broke in his hands, and props were hidden from him once again.

On the set of Folks it was cozy and fun at home. But our task is not only to entertain the viewer with good humor. We invite you to reflect on the main human values ​​and priorities.