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The founders of SPACE Production reveal what series they plan to produce next year

Daria Leygonie-Fialko and Kateryna Laskari, general producers and founders of SPACE Production, were interviewed by Media Heads YouTube channel. They talked about the beginning of their television career, working on different TV channels, creating their own production, and how in just two years they managed to produce successful products for top TV channels.

“The key to the success of our series will be expressed by the phrase of one of our colleagues in the market, – says Daria Leygoni-Fialko. – He said that everything was very simple – we were not indifferent. We cared about everything. And this is absolutely true – we care. We are interested, we are on fire, Katya and I personally watch each episode. I think this is the key to success”.

“Any movie is born at the table in the office, – says Kateryna Laskari about the creation of serials. – The idea should be stated on paper. Further, before production, there is a lot of editorial work. The Bible is being written, characterization of characters, scripts. Then the casting begins and the search for the film crew begins. Thus, cinema is born at the table, and then – at the moment when you make key decisions about the participants in the process”.

This year SPACE Production became the leader in terms of the number of produced hours of serials. Daria notes that this was done by adapting existing formats. In 2022, the team plans to devote more time to the production of their own original series.

“This is our next big ambition to grow the production of original content that we can then monetize in other markets. And, of course, we are looking closely towards OTT services”, says Daria.

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