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From unusual props – there is a corpse: about the filming process of the series THE TRACE

New episodes of The Trace series produced by SPACE Production have started on STB. From an exclusive interview with Chief Editor Nina Ponomarova, you will learn how the locations for filming were chosen, where the props were taken from, and what tricks were used on the set. Read the details in the material.

How long did it take to build the OCA office?

The OSA office took about two months to build.

Tell us about the locations

There are specialized locations. For example, a burned-down house, a maniac’s basement, where hostages were held for years, an elevator, on the roof of which there was a corpse. They even filmed in a real detention center, and there, during the shooting with pyrotechnics, a fire almost happened – fortunately, they put it out on time. But we are always ready for such difficult shooting – a professional team is working.

What can you say about the unusual props with which the actors work?

One of the unusual props was a “corpse” poured in concrete in a boat, and this boat was sunk in the lake. There were severed fingers, severed exploded heads, burnt or frozen bodies. In one episode, there were hostages who were held as donors and pumped out blood – accordingly, there were hospital gurneys, racks with droppers, bags with film blood, and special makeup from the actors.

Where did you get the “weapon” and uniform? Did the actors learn to hold it in their hands correctly?

On the set, dummies of pistols are used. Our costume designers have police uniforms. But if there are special forces, sappers, or divers in the series, then it happens like this: in Kyiv, there are groups of film people from the former employees of the police, they know how to act correctly, how to check and neutralize explosives – we cooperate with them.

Cynologists with dogs are not random people either. These are the dog handlers and those dogs who make money with different filming – as well as the special forces actors, which I mentioned above.

Unusual actors: dogs, cats, snakes – were there?

There were all: different dogs, cats, snakes, turtles, laboratory mice and rats, dog kennels, crows, parrots. It seems nothing unusual, but, of course, it delays the filming, because both human actors and animal actors must follow the director’s commands. With animals it is more difficult – more takes, more preparation.

The series Trace is aired on STB at 18:05 from Monday to Thursday. Don’t miss new episodes.

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