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The final of the SPACE-pitching took place

On June 11, the final of the SPACE-pitching ideas contest took place online.

We are grateful to everyone who was with us at every stage: the authors who sent applications and got into the long lists and, of course, the finalists who defended their projects in front of the jury.

We are grateful to our excellent experts who read the applications and scripts, discussed them passionately, and helped to make the right choice: Anton Lirnik, Tala Pristaetskaya, Nina Shulika, Andrey Babik, Lesya Voloshin, Vladimir Voitenko, Chairman of the Expert Council Kateryna Laskari.

We are grateful to the members of the jury who helped the competition to reach the finish line and end with the announcement of the winners: Yulia Sinkevich, Natalia Vorozhbit, Oksana Bayrak, and chairman of the jury Daria Leygonie-Fialko.

Competition winners:

  • category “series-comedy” – Mikhail Aleksandrov (“Native people”)
  • category “series-melodrama” – Marina Bortnik-Gulevataya (“With love, mom!”)
  • the category “detective series” – Anastasia Gruba and Kristina Chekhachova (“I feel pain”)
  • category “feature film” – Olga Brileva (“The Disappearance of Severin Fishermen”)

And a special category that arose during the meeting of the jury of the competition – “Prize of the sympathy of experts and the jury” – Olga Bovkun (“Sophia”)..

Congratulations to the winners! Each of them has individual negotiations ahead with the producers of SPACE Production to determine the next steps towards the implementation of their projects in the framework of Ukrainian television and film production.