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Actor of the series THE TRACE Ilya Ponomarenko about new episodes

The OCA team will investigate the kidnapping of its own employees, the attempted murder of the girl of one of the investigators … In one of these, all familiar OCA staff will be helped by its new operatives: Police Captain Anatoly Dmitrenko, Police Major Oleg Vilner, and neurobiologist Andrey Bromenko.

The young and charismatic actor of the series, Ilya Ponomarenko, who played the operative Dmitrenko, told why he considers his character as “vealy”, whether he knew how to shoot before filming the series and who he would save in one of the episodes.

About his character – police captain and operative Anatoly Dmitrenko

On my first day of shooting, the director introduced my сharacter to me like this: he just unlearned and came to work in the SIA team. He is a young guy who is interested in everything and wants to try everything. I liked this description of the character. It is relatively easy for me to play Dmitrenko because I am the same person: naive, proactive, always ready to help and support a person. It’s nice when from the outside they tell me that my character fits the description. This means that I am doing everything right.

I would even call him “vealy”. But not in the sense that he knows nothing and only learns everything. And Dmitrenko is “vealy” because of his motives – he has not seen much in the life of an investigator, and the law enforcement agencies have not spoiled him.

About preparing for the role

I prepared responsibly for the role: I understood shooting techniques and extreme driving. I was curious about how to hold, retrieve and put away firearms – these details are important to the actor’s work. “About the truth in the smallest details” – we were taught this from the first year of the institute. I also met with a comrade who serves, and he helped me a lot: in shooting, knowledge of weapons, and detention of criminals. During filming, I have little time to learn this thoroughly. So I’m thinking about starting shooting courses in between filming.

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